Oberoi family decides to expose Svetlana in StarPlus Ishqbaaz

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Shivaay, Rudra and Bhavya are seen discussing the keys found from Svetlana's cupboard. They try and figure out the connection that it might have with her mission. Anika and Shivaay get into an argument as the latter has a changed demeanor post Anika's confession.

Svetlana continues to doubt Tej and confronts him. Bhavya gives the responsibility of keeping the duplicate keys in Svetlana's cupboard to Rudra.
Elsewhere, Anika is in the store room looking for something when she finds a letter. As soon as she is about to open it, Dadi comes and snatches it away. She asks Anika to get ready for the function. Later, Dadi and Shakti worry about the letter which could possibly break their family.
Rudra takes too long to keep the keys back and begins to look around in Svetlana's cupboard. Bhavya tries to tell him that Svetlana is around the corner, but he doesn't pay attention to her. When Svetlana is about to enter the room, Bhavya tries to distract her.
After successfully escaping the goons, Omkara and Gauri return home with the idol. However, Omkara is shocked to find Tej and Svetlana in the house as Peter and Kaveri. Even though Shivaay and Rudra try to explain him the situation, he refuses to listen.
He goes out and threatens to throw Svetlana and Tej out of the house. Just then, Jhanvi slaps him. He goes back, and we learn that it is all a part of their plan to expose Svetlana.

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