Shivaay incidentally exposes Pinky, shocking Anika and OmRu who sacrificed all for a lie!

Pinky gets her due from her son himself, Shivaay is shocked to see this version of his mother, Anika is shattered to know that she lost it all for a lie!

Ishqbaaz today brings us, all desperately awaiting ShiVika fans and Pinky haters a lot of fun and a whole lot of relief. Yes we have the much awaited revelation and guess what it is even more terrible than we imagined. Pinky lied the whole time and ShiVika actually separated for nothing, they actually separated because of a stupid lie, a lame- very lame lie!! Shivaay(Nakuul Mehta) acts very smart and we are totally impressed, he first walks to Anika(Surbhi Chandna) and tells her that he remembers every word she told him that night when they were under the influence of bhaang. Anika is shocked as Shivaay reveals a part of their conversation where she said that it did not matter to her who he was. Anika tells him that she knew how much family lineage and blood mattered to him and so she had to keep this from him. Shivaay gets his second clue here and he is even more shocked he walks out asking Anika to give him time to think. Omkara(Kunal Jaisingh) talks to Gauri(Shrenu Parikh) about ShiVika reunion and they are happy, Gauri says more than love trust is required in any relationship. This rings a bell in Omkara.
Gauri gets conscious and walks away but Om stops her and tries saying something but he is not able to and Gauri tells him nothing has changed between them and she will always remain the daughter -in-law to this family and nothing more. Rudra(Leenesh Mattoo) is unpacking with Bhavya(Mansi Srivastava) when he notices the lehenga she wore at their wedding and he becomes thoughtful as he looks at her, Bhavya though is worried about Sultan. Pinky sits worried as she thinks how Anika has ruined everything again and returned to Shivaay's life. Dadi walks in and warns Pinky that while trying to separate ShiVika she might just lose Shivaay herself. Om unpacking the Germany returned bag finds a shawl with peacock feather design. Gauri too sees it and says it is beautiful, Om gets tensed and says he has brought gift for everyone. She asks him who the shawl is for but he in his tension wears it himself and says it is for him. Gauri laughs saying it won't suit him. Om says he went to Germany and his tastes have changed so now he likes this. Gauri walks away as Rudra who was eavesdropping laughs and asks Om to give the shawl to Gauri as it is for her that he bought it. Ragini (Aditi Gupta) calls someone and asks them to be ready as Anika will be accompanied by Shivaay, she adds that she wants Anika finished. Vikram is skeptical about the idea but Ragini seems confident to win Shivaay like this.

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