Shivaay returns to the Oberoi mansion with Anika in Starplus show Ishqbaaz

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Anika gets into a heated argument with Vikram. Suddenly a band of musicians appears and Vikram thinks it is apt for the occasion. Turns out it is Shivaay, Om, Gauri, Bhavya and Rudra dressed in a way they are unrecognisable and playing music. When Anika tries to walk away, Vikram pulls her back, which makes Shivaay angry.

They get closer to the wedding venue and begin to play the music loudly,. Vikram gets irritated and asks them to leave. Shivaay takes off his attire and tells Vikram they should first settle scores before they leave. They all get into a fight. Finding Anika on a side, Ragini ties her up. Shivaay hits Vikram and frees Anika. After they manage to kick both of them out, Anika and Shivaay begin to confront each other. They engage in a funny banter. Shivaay picks Anika and puts her in the jeep. They all go back home.
While everyone is happy at Shivaay and Anika's reunion, Pinki is sad. Shivaay takes Anika to their room and asks her to tell him the truth. 

Anika again says she can't and finds herself helpless. This time Shivaay decides to find it out himself. When Anika walks out of their room, Pinki taunts her and blames her for ruining Shivaay's life. Anika tells her she hasn't done anything to feel guilty.

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