Anika returns to Oberoi Mansion in Shivaay's arms, shocking Pinky

Shivaay carries his dulhania home after fighting Vikram, Ragini is not ready to give up, Shivaay decides to get to the bottom of the secret Anika has kept from him.

Ishqbaaz for the day makes way to some of the major twist in the tale that probably all the Shivika shippers have been awaiting since the separation. It starts where it left off yesterday. The "loafer" Vikram and Nagini oops Ragini(Aditi Gupta) try to force Anika(Surbhi Chandna) to get married to Vikram even as she fights back saying even her Chandni that is her chappal will not marry him, she even manages to beat him up with chandni. Soon we here the sound of nband and Vikram happily calls the band troupe inside so they can play in his wedding. As it turns out this is not just Band group but also the Ishqbaaz group, led by SSO(Nakuul Mehta). Vikram pulls a strugging Anika back to him and drumbaaz Shivaay cannot watch on and he tries rushing to her rescue but Rudra(Leenesh Mattoo) stops him saying fuirst they should have some music and then they can have the action. The group starts playing around and dancing as they trouble Ragini and Vikram, Anika gets an intuition that it is her Shivaay after all. Vikram stops the music and again drags Anika to the mandap but he asks the band to leave, to which Shivaay flies into a rage and hits Vikram.
He dares Vikram to touch his wife one more time. Ragini too is shocked at the revelation but Shivaay warns her saying she would soon sent her to the jail. The ishqbaaz fight their way to rescuing Anika and Bhavya(Mansi Srivastava) with Gauri(Shrenu Parikh) tie up Ragini and take some selfies with her while kissing her. Finally Shivaay reaches his Anika to open her from the bondage but soon they end up getting distracted over Vikram breaking Anika's phone, Shivaay feels it is his sole right to break Anika's phone and no one can do that. Rudra manages to get them back into focus and asks himt o first free Anika. Shivaay frees her and they start fighting over Shivaay not leaving the ring at the poolside but Shivaay argues he did leave it. Bhavya interrupts with the ring and says she got it from Vikram. Shivaay asks her to throw it away as he is anyhow going to wed Anika again. Anika asks him who gave him that idea and he says he knows no one else can bear her. Shivaay then carries his dulhania to the jeep as the other four wait for them. The six of them -the tadibaazs drive away home happily the mission accomplished.(Also Read: Anika is shocked to know that Vikram is a co-conspirator with Ragini)
Even after reaching home Shivaay refuses to put Anika down and carries her straight inside as he doubts she would run away again. Pinky(Nitika Anand) gets the O My Mata shock of her life to see Anika back and that too in Shivaay's arms. She questions them and Shivaay leaves with his lady as he asks OmRu to explain the story to the family. OmRu and Gauri-Bhavya stare at Pinky very meaningfully getting her irritated. Dadi asks them what happened and Omkara (Kunal Jaisingh) says that Ragini had planted Vikram in Anika's life and now everything is fine. Dadi and Shakti are happy though Pinky seems a lot like -O My Mata-oed !! Ragini asks Vikram to help her try again, Vikram refuses saying that they have lost the game and nobody can separate Shivika. Ragini plays her part and acts like she is going to burn herself and a frustrated Vikram has to agree after he tries to tell her that what she is doing is not love but obsession. Vikram takes Ragini to Anika's Bua who would do anything for money.

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