Finally Kalyani mills Real Culprit exposed and Mystery Solved

The upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some suspense and drama pertaining to Kalyani Mills tragedy. Abhay and Swetlana are searching for truth to destroy Oberoi family and also gets the proof which mentions that it's Tej.

Tej is seen in video carrying match stick &  planning to burn Kalyani Mills, while it's a manipulated video.  Swetlana has set all evidences infront of Abhay to instigate him against Oberoi's while is well aware that who is real culprit of Kalyani Mills tragedy. Swetlana's father was the real culprit who had done this after which Oberoi's had filed case against him.

Swetlana's father thus died and Tia, Swetlana all made plan to avenge Oberoi's while Swetlana is constantly against Oberoi's. Swetlana is playing with truth and evidences to trap Oberoi's,

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