Hong Kong businessman offering 1,200 crore to any man who marries his daughter

Marriages are made in heaven. Yes, this is the reality. If you don’t wish to marry no one can force you to do that. Same thing is happening with Hong Kong based businessman Cecil Chao, who is right now 77 years old. Every father has a dream that his daughter will marry someone but his daughter is biggest headache for him. Do you know why?

His daughter is not ready for marriage. Though he is ready to pay sum of Rs. 1,200 crore to any person who will marry his 34 years old daughter. But let us clear the scenario here. 1200 Crore sounds good but the problem is that Cecil Chao’s daughter is a LE$BIAN, who is in a relationship for many years and has refused to marry any male.

According to some media sites, Cecil Chao, the 77-year-old property magnate, who had earlier offered nearly £40 million to any man who could turn his homo$exual daughter straight, has now doubled the ‘bounty’. Cecil Chao raised the reward to HK$1billion (£80million) after thousands of eligible bachelors failed to convince his daughter Gigi to marry any of them.

The property magnate claims that he did not want to interfere with his daughter’s private life, but that he wanted her to have ‘a good marriage and children’. Gigi, an executive director at her father’s property development company, part-time pilot, and founder of anti-poverty charity Faith in Love Foundation, has maintained throughout her father’s persistent quest that she knows he is only doing it out of love and concern.

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