Saumya's master plan againest Anika and Gauri in Ishqbaaz

The forthcoming chapter of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some new drama. Saumya has return to Oberoi mansion &  Swetlana, Tia is also back on action against Oberoi's. Swetlana has played her split &  rule game and brings crack on Oberoi family which Shivaay couldn't bear.

Shivaay be acquainted with that he is getting wedged in Swetlana's game but couldn't do anything while Anika, Gauri joins hand to save their family.

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Anika &  Gauri gets in action to guard Oberoi family from Swetlana's wickedness trap at the same time as Saumya also offers to help them. Anika &  Gauri gladly takes Saumya's help while is unaware that Saumya is with Swetlana and Tia and is one of the third Kapoor sister. Saumya will turn secret messenger for Swetlana and Tia against Anika and Gauri's planning and plotting.

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