Shivaay and Anika to begin a new life in Goa in Ishqbaaz

Tej insults Shivaay and Anika by doubting on their intentions. He asks them to show the bags’ contents and prove that they are not taking away any assets. He demands Anika to remove her jewelry, and return it to them. Dadi doesn’t want Anika to obey Tej. Anika tells Dadi that Shivay is her real adornment. Shivay returns the jewelry to Jhanvi.

Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta) meets his parents before leaving. Rudra threatens to kill himself if Shivay steps out of the house. Shivay and everyone ask him to put down the gun and not do any stupidity. Rudra asks Shivay to change his decision. Anika (Surbhi chandna) asks Shivaay not to be adamant, they can convince Rudra. Shivay takes the gun from Rudra and shoots all the bullets to empty the gun. He turns angry on Rudra’s madness. He slaps Rudra to give him some sense.

Rudra apologizes for his mistake. Shivaay asks him to accept his decision without raising any question. He compels Rudra to listen to him and not make things more difficult for him. Rudra decides to leave with Shivaay. He begs Shivaay not to leave. Shivay doesn’t change his decision. He leaves the family broken in tears and leaves.

Anika supports Shivaay (Nakuul Mehta ) to prevent him from shattering. Rudra gets his anger out of Tej. He asks Tej why did he do this without knowing anything. He feels painful by the separation. He scolds Tej for dividing the brothers. He curses Tej to repent for his mistakes and stay sorrowful forever. Tej doesn’t care for Rudra’s annoyance. Shwetlana and Tia plan to trouble Shivay more. They get glad seeing the family sinking in tears.

Shivaay acts strong in front of Anika. She understands the suppressed pain in his heart. She asks him to share his problems, when they are away from home now. Shivaay sends a threatening parcel for Shwetlana, which leaves her shocked. He doesn’t want Shwetlana to harm his family.


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