Rudra finds a dead body in Veer's outhouse, Swetlana in Jail

In the latest episode of Ishqbaaz, Anika is still annoyed with Shivaay for fighting with her. As he tries to please her, Dadi begins to sing folk songs. Rudra decides to go to the outhouse as he feels Veer didn't give him the logs of wood because he was angry. Bhavya tells him that she'll accompany him even though she trusts Veer for speaking the truth.

Veer greets Shivaay and Anika, and he begins to seek latter's attention. Monali wishes Anika and the two compliment each other. Veer then spots Anika and Shivaay arguing about something and finds it a good opportunity to get closer to her.

Dadi asks Anika not to be angry with her husband. Meanwhile, Rudra and Bhavya get to the outhouse and find wood logs. He asks Bhavya to go back as breaks open the lock and enters inside. He then sees Komal's dead body inside and rushes to Shivaay.

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