Omkara and Rudra turns Shivaay's vaanar sena against Roop Veer's lanka dahan

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Omkara, Rudra and Khanna are I'm Roop's den and finds about Roop's plan to kidnap Anika and tries to warn Shivaay but fails. While now Anika is in Veer's trap and Shivaay is stuck in Roop's game and is left with no option but to do what Roop says.

Shivaay returns back to Roop's den and agrees to marry while now Omkara, Rudra abx Khanna will turn Shivaay's soldiers to defeat Roop.

Omkara and Rudra's plan against Roop. Omkara, Rudra and Khanna will turn vaanar sena to defeat Roop and her men's and get Shivaay out of the trap by groom swap. Shivaay will make Rudra sit in mandap as groom and will himself go to save his Anika from Veer's trap.

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