Roop's plan successful, Anika questions Shivaay's love raises voice against Oberoi's

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for some interesting twist and drama. Anika and Shivaay's life is taking deadly turn where Roop plays cunning game against Anika and Shivaay. Veer attempts to kill Anika while Roop stops him and drops the idea to kill Anika while rather had master trap.

Roop plans to use Anika as pawn against Oberoi's and ruin Shivika's love relationship and thus give pain to Shivaay. Roop tells truth about her father's suicide to Anika and says that it's Oberoi's who forced his father to commit suicide.

Roop manipulates truth, Anika against Oberoi's. Anika is broken and refuses to believe it but ends up getting broken after knowing that her father committed suicide because of Oberoi's. Shivaay returns back while Anika questions his love and also tags Oberoi's as murderers.

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