Looteri Dadi exposed by Khanna, Shivaay shocked

In the upcoming episode of Ishqbaaz, the viewers will get to see a lady entering Oberoi Mansion with her secret mission. The lady will make everyone believe that she is Dadi's friend while Dadi is not at home Shivaay asks her to stay with them. The lady makes Rudra unconscious and steals his mobile phone, Laptop and tablet.

Rudra complains to Shivaay that suddenly Khanna comes and reveals that Dadi had stolen Rudra's gadget, Khanna proves that Dadi made Rudra unconscious to trap Rudra.

Trouble ahead for Oberois

For a while everyone believes Khanna but suddenly the mysterious lady reveals that she just hid Rudra's gadget as he uses it too much. She manipulate truth by clearly interpreting lie, Shivaay and all believe Dadi while furious Shivaay scolds Khanaa for doubting Dadi. Trouble had knocked in Oberois life as the lady isLooteri gangster who has some old enmity with Oberois and has come to Oberoi Mansion to loot Oberois.

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