Roshni pregnant with Adi's child Ishita supports Roshni over Aliya

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is going to take major turn. Adi is dead and Raman, Bhalla family hates Ishita for killing Adi while Aliya has her own reason of hatred. Aliya hates Ishita for accepting Roshni and supporting her, Roshni gets pregnant with Adi's child and this news breaks after Adi's death. Aliya is shocked knowing that Adi had betrayed her and Ishita comes in support of Roshni.

Aliya against Ishita for accepting Roshni's baby. Bhalla family and Aliya stands against Roshni and refuses to accept her child as Adi's baby while Ishita comes in support of Roshni. Aliya is shattered knowing that Adi betrayed her and Ishita is supporting Adi's mistake and betrayal.

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