Finally Shivaay forcefully marries Anika, the revenge of oberoi begins

In Ishqbaaz Star Plus some spicy twists and turns in Anika's life. As shivaay will force Anika to marry him. Where Priyanka learned Daksh's truth and in the deep shock she met ann accident, Daksh instigates Shivaay against Anika. On the other hand, Anika and Nikhil are getting married in the temple that shockingly Shivaay makes his dhamakedaar entry in temple and ruthlessly insults Anika before everyone. Shivaay has misunderstood Anika where he stands her responsible for Priyanka's critical condition.

However, Daksh and Priyanka's marriage finally got postponed after 3 years, Anika gets shocked to know about Priyanka's critical condition, but before she could explain anything to Shivaay, Shivaay will take a shocking step.

Not Nikhil, but Shivaay to marry Anika Nikhil and his family gets hurt with whatever Anika did and how Shivaay insulted her. Where Anika finds herself shattered and broken with Shivaay's allegations, Shivaay will decide to marry Anika and ruin her life forever.

The interesting and most exciting twist will now come up when Shivaay will stop Nikhil Anika's marriage and will marry Anika taking revenge for his sister Priyanka. It would be really interesting to watch how destiny once again tied Shivaay Anika into an unbreakable bond.

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