Roshni loses her child for big reason

In Star Plus most watched daily show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Roshni's exit from Bhalla house. Roshni gives birth to baby boy where the family celebrates the happiness of little Adi's homecoming. Where Roshni handovers child to Aaliya, Roshni decides to leave the Bhalla house and begin a new life. However, Roshni hides her pain and sorrow from the family, she sacrifices her happiness, her child to Aaliya as Aaliya lost Adi, Roshni wants to give a new hope to Aaliya.

Bhallas and Iyers in a big dilemma. Roshni's exit and little Adi's entry in Bhalla house will bring a major turning point in the storyline. Will Aaliya's thinking for Roshni change? Will Roshni part ways from Bhalla family or Aaliya will stop her?

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