Perfect return of Anika exposes Daksh crime confession MMS and rescues Priyanka

In Ishqbaaz, Priyanka and Daksh's wedding is on the head, Anika determines to rescue Priyanka from evil Daksh who is marrying Priyanka for the money. Anika (Surbhi Chandna) meets Payal where she comes to know about her pregnancy, Anika decides to help Payal as Payal finally confessed that she is pregnant of Daksh child and now he is avoiding her and marrying Priyanka.

Anika and Priyanka together decide to expose Daksh and save Priyanka's life and so on this will follow Anika's big fat master trap against Daksh. Daksh confesses his crimes.

Before Anika would arrive to Payal's house, Daksh comes to meet Payal and tortures her as finally he learned about her pregnancy. The drama will get intensify when Daksh will unveil his crimes and plannings and plottings while this will turn golden opportunity for Anika, Anika will record Daksh's confession that how he used Payal to reach Priyanka and how he trapped Priyanka in love mayajaal for money.

Anika will now takeover a new disguise of mehendi lady Shanno and will make her entry in Oberoi Mansion, where she will be exposing Daksh and his evil motives shocking Oberoi family. It would be highly intense to watch how Anika will knock out Daksh and will rescue Priyanka's life.

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