Vivaan's drunks, confess Pammy's kidnapping truth to Meera

In upcoming episode of Zee TV's daily soap Kaliren is gearing up for some interesting twist and turn. Vivaan and Meera are having their differences and tiff and Vivaan is behaving weird with Meera. Vivaan don't want to let Meera find truth but speaks up all truth in drunken state.

Vivaan is been blackmailed as his sister and mother Pammy are kidnapped and Vivaan has no other answer.

Vivaan and Meera's new challenge up next. Vivaan and Meera both gets drunk and Vivaan speaks up truth and Meera listens to everything. Will Meera be able to remember what Vivaan has told her after her drunken drama ends. Will Meera stand up for Vivaan and fight back strongly to support him in finding Pammy.

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