Daksh's masterstroke pre-pones wedding with Priyanka,challenges Anika

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Ishqbaaz is up for major drama in Oberoi mansion. Daksh finds that Anika and Shivaay are spying over him and Anika is trying to expose his truth to stop his wedding with Priyanka. Daksh can't let Anika get successful in her plan and thus makes a plan to pre-pone wedding with Priyanka. Daksh's family plans wedding in seven days and before that Daksh and Priyanka had to sit in pooja ceremony.

Anika in action to stop Daksh and Priyanka's wedding. While Anika can't let Daksh spoil Priyanka's life and for the she has to buy time and thus seven day deal gets trouble for Anika. Will Anika be able to stop this wedding in seven days, will Shivaay support Anika after she had failed drastically.

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