Big twist as Shivaay sacrifice love for Anika’s happiness and prestige, Anika to marry Nikhil

Big twist is coming in upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz. Shivaay  gifts the biggest gift to Anika on her birthday that is Nikhil. Shivaay broke Anika’s marriage with Nikhil and thus decides to get her remarried to Nikhil. Shivaay will be seen getting Anika to Oberoi Mansion where he will celebrate all the rituals in Oberoi Mansion.

Shivaay turns Anika’s wedding planner. Surprisingly, Shivaay turns Anika’s wedding planner where he wants to Anika to do her Bidaai from Oberoi Mansion so that he can repent his mistakes. In the interim, Shivaay too is breaking down but he is very well aware that Anika does not treat him like husband and will also believe that she loves Nikhil.

It would be really interesting to see what happens next on the show. Will Anika agree to marry Nikhil leaving Shivaay?

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