Meera to marry a new guy major breakdown for Vivan in Kaliren

In the upcoming episode of ZEE TV Serial Kaliren, Vivaan  and Meera’s marital life is going to get hit by a drastic storm. Where Meera gets tensed seeing Amar’s hate for Vivaan and also she wants Vivaan to confess his love for her. She decides to agree for remarriage after Amar brings a wedding alliance for Meera and wants Meera to break relation with Vivaan.

Vivaan in deep shock. While Meera agrees for remarriage, Vivaan and Amar are shocked as Amar didn’t expect that Meera will agree so soon. Meera’s shocking decision leaves Vivaan burst in anger while he feels jealous from the new guy whom Meera is going to meet. It would be quite interesting to watch how he will confess his love to Meera and how Amar will realize Vivaan and Meera’s true love.

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