New twist in Vivaan Meera Sunny's triangle love story

In the curren track of ZEE TV Show Kaliren, The viewers will get to see a major turning point in Vivaan, Meera, and Sunny triangle love story. Evil Silky will manipulate entire situation and traps Vivaan in her witty blackmailing game where stuck in situation Vivaan will also back off from Meera's life. But who knew that destiny will once again bring Vivaan close to Meera.

Sunny and Meera's master plan.Sunny is helping Meera in her plan to make Vivaan confess love for her. Where Sunny is uniting the two lovers, soon Vivaan will confess love for Meera and the duo will get intimate before Meera's second marriage with Sunny. But let see if Amar will accept Vivaan?

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