One shocking phone call to change Shivaay Anika's future in Show

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz viewers will get to witness interesting twist as one shocking phone call to change Shivaay and Anika's future story. It seems Anika rejects Nikhil’s marriage proposal where Nikhil gets furious over the same. Further Daksh and Tia to get angry over Anika’s rejection as no one wants Shivaay and Anika’s union. Thus Nikhil Daksh and Tia makes a fake phone call to Anika over Shivaay’s accident and gets her trapped badly.

Shivaay rushes to save Anika’s life. When Shivaay will come to know about the same he rushes to save Anika’s life but her falls off 30 storey building. Will Anika’s love save Shivaay? Will Shivaay Anika future story get changed forever?

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