Shivaay Anika teams up to expose Daksh’s real identity

In Star Plus daily soap Ishqbaaz Daksh’s is set to exposed by Anika and Shivaay. It was earlier seen that Anika gifts tight slap to Daksh where Priyanka too scares Daksh gifting him the best slap ever making him fall off the ground. Shivaayaccordingly exposes Daksh before the entire media where he was greedy for only Priyanka’s property and wealth not Priyanka. Payal too joins Shivaay Anika’s brigade to expose Daksh’s real identity. Shivaay Anika teams up and works against Daksh to unmask his real identity.

Shivaay conceals truth of forcefully marrying Anika. Amid all this, Shivaay conceals big truth from entire world is that about his mistake of forceful marriage with Anika. It would be really interesting to see when Shivaay will accept his mistake of marrying Anika forcefully.

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