Shivaay is seeking forgiveness, Anika tries hard to avoid him

In upcoming episode of Starplus most popular show ishqbaaz, It seems after goons attack Anika will aid Shivaay taking care of him. In the due course of time, she will forget the tortures Shivaay made on her and will be seen getting teary eyed for Shivaay. Shivaay will get touched seeing tears in Anika’s eyes seeing him in pain and will gather confidence. Anika will realise her mistake and walk away from Shivaay.

Shivaay waits for Anika’s forgiveness. This time Shivaay will not leave Anika and will wait outside her house till she forgives him. Anika gets restless on seeing Shivaay standing outside her house and gets worried for him. Will Anika forgive Shivaay soon but she tries hard to avoid him?

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