Vivaan in jail now, Meera's Kali avatar to save Vivan

In ZEE TV serial Kaliren we will see  a lot of melodrama in Vivaan and Meera's love life. It was earlier seen that how Sunny traps Vivaan in his huge conspiracy. While Vivaan and Meera eventually got married,  Amar refuses to accept their relationship while here Sunny fools Vivaan and Meera. Vivaan gets arrested on the murder charges of Sunny, here Sunny contacts Meera which eventually lands Meera in Deep trauma.

Meera digs her mission. Meera will now be digging her mission to rescue Vivaan. Where Vivaan blackmails Meera and tortures her to make her marry him... It would be quite interesting to watch ahead Vivaan will come out of this huge mess. Will Meera be able t prove Sunny alive?  Will Amar ever accept Vivaan and Meera's relationship? 

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