A secret of Nimrat's death to shock Sikandar again

In  Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will get to witness Sikandar’s  hunt for the truth. So far we have seen that how Sikandar confesses truth to Kulfi that Tevar is not her real father. Though Kulfi is upset with Sikandar, Sikandar secretly plans to dig out the past and track down Kulfi’s real father. And now Sikandar’s search for truth will end on Nimrat’s death mystery.

Kulfi confronts Sikandar over Nimrat. Kulfi is upset thinking her real father is really bad who left her mom and betrayed her. While Kulfi will soon confront Sikandar and Kulfi Nimrat’s truth will come out. Sikandar will face a huge shocker when he will track down a big secret that Kulfi is his and Nimrat’s daughter. It would be highly intense to watch how Sikandar will realize his own nasty deeds that he betrayed Nimrat and his own daughter.

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