A darkest secret to unfold, Kulfi begins her mysterious search for father

In Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi realizes truth that Tevar is not her real father while she refuses to forgive Sikandar who lied to her about her real father. However, Tevar refused to believe Kulfi and expresses his unconditional fatherly love for Kulfi, Kulfi silently accepts him as her father. But still Kulfi is searching for her real father.

Kulfi's new journey of school life. Kulfi wants to know about her real father who ditched her mother and left her alone. Where Lovely and Tevar are taking Kulfi for her admission in Amyra's school. Kulfi determines to herself find her real father at any cost. Will Kulfi's mysterious search dig out the darkest secret of her life. It would be highly intense to watch how Kulfi will reach her real father.

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