Priyanka's shocking statement over Tej's Murder breaked Shivaay

In Ishqbaaz, Shivaay's life where the murderer tag is making his life equal to hell. Shivaay is facing such a traumatic situation where the family is standing against him. Where yet now Rudra and Omkara tagged him murderer. Now Priyanka unveils her intense hatred for Shivaay when Shivaay stops her from drinking alcohol and taking drugs.

Priyanka hurts Shivaay at hell. Priyanka reveals that how her mother Pinky killed her husband and now her brother killed her Uncle. Where Priyanka calls Shivaay murderer and calls herself a daughter and sister of murderer...Priyanka breaks all ties with Shivaay who murdered Tej for business and property. Shivaay is left broken with Priyanka's words and slips in trauma realizing he is good for nothing. It would be wait to watch how Anika will bring Shivaay out of this deep trauma.

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