Anurag exposes Naveen, Basu Family in shock

In Star Plus show Kasaurti Zindagi Ki 2, Anurag is planning his master plan to expose Naveen in front of his family. Naveen meets his Jaan’ in a hotel where Anurag also follows him. While Anurag is shocked to see Naveen and the woman in an intense situation, Anurag calls Moloy and Mohini there to expose evil Naveen.

Naveen plays nasty game. Anurag will expose Naveen’s evil deeds but eventually his plan will backfire when Naveen will prove his innocence. Anurag is upset with what all happened and how Naveen once again fooled his family.Where Anurag has decided to expose Naveen before wedding, Naveen will soon unveil his real identity which will come as a huge shocker for Basu Family.


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