Shivaay attend Board of Directors meeting, Omkara Rudra unhappy

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz viewers will get to witness interesting drama in Shivaay, Omkara  and Rudra’s life. It seems Anika brings Shivaay to Oberoi office as she is very well aware that only business will fill life in Shivaay. Anika makes use of Shivaay’s strength while Omkara and Rudra are ready to break Shivaay’s courage.

Omkara Rudra’s never ending torture breaks Shivaay. This time Anika does not let him break down but asks him to stand strong. Anika does not let Shivaay fail. Shivaay will thus be seen attending Board of Directors meeting which turns Omkara Rudra impatient. Omkara Rudra just wants a chance to kick Shivaay out by hook or by crook.

Will Shivaay be able to stand strong with Anika’s help?

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