Mohit exhibit same murder magic but this time using Anika

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz viewers will get to witness shocking twist as Mohit  exhibit same murder mystery this time using Anika. Finally Mohit comes to know that he got his wife Priya’s property and he is close to his victory. Before Mohit could make his escape Anika gets to know that not Nancy but Priya is Mohit’s real wife. Anika gets shocked learning about Mohit’s big cheat and warns him about Shivaay’s wrath.

Mohit does not let Anika reveal anything and kidnaps her. Mohit plans to kill Anika, Shivaay unaware. Mohit will thus be seen recreating same murder mystery using Anika where this time he plans to get Anika killed.
Will Shivaay be able to reach on time saving lady love Anika?

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