No Milan for Sikanda Kulfi, Sattu turns angry with Sikandar

In upcoming episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala will bring an interesting in point in Sikandar and Kulfi's relationship. Sikandar meets Sattu and inquires about Kulfi and her biological father but Sattu remains upset with him as Sikandar is the only one who hurt his sister Nihalo and left her alone in her toughest times. Sattu feels heartbroken realizing Nihalo's hope came true and Sikandar now returned for Kulfi, but at the same time, Sattu finds himself in deep dilemma as he recalls Nihalo's pain.

Nihalo misleads Sikandar. attu finally comes out of house and confronts Sikandar where broken Sikandar bends on knees requesting Sattu to reveal Kulfi's truth. Will Sattu be able to tell the truth to Sikandar that he is Kulfi's father? Or Nihalo who got money for hiding Kulfi's truth will ruin everything?


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