Omkara and Rudra to go with Shivaay, Tej to leave Oberoi Mansion

In upcoming episode of Star Plus show Ishqbaaz Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra throws evil Tej  out of Oberoi Mansion. As we all know unity is strength, Omkara and Rudra will get to know about Tej’s evil deeds where they get ashamed that they are Tej’s son. Omkara and Rudra asks Shivaay to break all ties with them but Shivaay loves his brothers Omkara and Rudra more than self life.

Omkara Rurda signify Shivaay as their father. Omkara Rudra thus denotes Shivaay as their father figure where they break all ties with Tej. Further on know Tej tried to kill Omkara Rudra they get all the ore disgusted and throw Tej out of Oberoi Mansion.

Let’s see if Tej will walk away quietly or will blast back in Oberoi Mansion.

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