Rudra made a cheap plan to prove Shivaay is mental

In Ishqbaaz, hatred between Obroi Brothers will now take troll in Shivaay's life. Rudra and Omkara's hate for Shivaay gets more intense when Shivaay refuses to sign the deal papers. Where Anika is supporting Shivaay, Shivaay asks Rudra and Omkara to make changes in the deal as it is not beneficial for their company. Rudra now turns adamant to get Shivaay's sign on the deal papers at any cost by hook or by crook. And this turns golden opportunity for Roop who once again instigates Rudra against Shivaay.

Shivaay's life in danger. Shivaay is already going through much pain in his life after his brothers abandoned him. Meanwhile, Roop advices Rudra to prove Shivaay mentally ill so that they can oust Shivaay from business and will not require his sign anymore. It will be quite interesting to watch how Anika will protect Shivaay from this new danger.

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