Shivaay to go mental asylum, upcoming twist revealed by Nakul Mehta

Ishqbaaz fame Actor Nakuul Mehta has exclusively shared the upcoming twist of Ishqbaaz where he will be losing his mental balance in the storyline. Shivaay is facing a dilemmatic situation amid Rudra and Omkara are unveiling their intense hatred for him. While Anika is also facing a tough time in managing the detriorating health condition of Shivaay. Shivaay has started losing his mental balance and captivates himself in wardrobe.

Anika turns Shivaay's support. Shivaay is not able to overcome the fear of murderer tag and his brothers hatred. That now he has started keeping himself in dark and has broken all ties with Anika to protect her from his madness.

Actor Nakuul Mehta revealed that now the show will focus on a serious topic of mentally challenged people who fail to cope up with their life problems and go in depression after they are abandoned by society and their own family. It will be highly intense to watch how Anika will turn out major support for Shivaay in his tough times.

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