Anurag got a big clue against Naveen & Madhuri, Prerna is Dilemma

In Upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay2,  Mohini announces Naveen and Prerna's wedding rituals while behind this Madhuri comes to stay in Basu House. Madhuri and Naveen's planning and plotting now takes new shape as Anurag is proved wrong before Mohini and he is left with no option rather than to see Prerna getting married to Naveen. Furthermore, Anurag gets a big clue against Naveen and Madhuri when he sneakily spies on them.

Anurag confronts Prerna. Apparently, Prerna realizes Anurag's concern and thinks as if Anurag said true and Naveen is already married to Madhuri. Prerna faces dilemma that then only Anurag confronts her and asks her to trust him and promises to not let Naveen ruin her life.

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