Diwali celebration and Obroei Brothers Grand Reunion and Shivika’s real romance

Finally Time is coming when Shivaay, Omkara and Rudra will Unite and will show their true love for each other. After Rudra’s kidnapping brings drastic u-turn in the storyline of ‘Ishqbaaz’. Shivaay gets in action to rescue his brother Rudra that he tracks down Rudra and makes his heroic entry to teach a lesson to the evil goons. Furthermore, Shivaay rescues Rudra and Rudra feels sorry for what all he did with him and Anika.

Dadi blesses Shivaay Anika . Apparently, Diwali comes and Dadi blesses her trio grandsons Shivaay, Omkara, and Rudra where Omkara and Rudra reconcile with Shivaay. Though Shivaay is still not ready to accept Anika, the viewers will get to see Anika and Shivaay’s romance amid Anika makes effort while celebrating Diwali.

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