Rohan, Aaliya and Karan, Ruhi married, Fake mother mystery unfolds

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Rohan Aaliya  and Karan, Ruhi’s marriage day will finally arrive. Raman Mani will be seen making sehra with lots of love for Karan Rohan. On the other hand Ishita dresses up Ruhi and Aaliya sharing motherly love and bond with them.

However Kaushalya will create some drama in the marriage due to Ishita’s arrest in murder charges. But somehow she Ishita will let the marriage ceremony happen. Ruhi and Aaliya’s emotional Bidaai. Ruhi and Aaliya will have an emotional Bidaai from Bhalla house. There is a twist in tale after marriage as Kaushalya is not the real mother of Rohan and Karan.

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