Anurag plans to kidnap Prerna from wedding mandap

In upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2Anurag and Prerna will be more closer then they ever get. Anurag vents out his anger on Prerna and insists her to believe him and break this marriage alliance. Though Prerna keeps on refusing to listen against Naveen Babu, Anurag gives open warning to Prerna that if she will not break this alliance then he will kidnap her from the wedding mandap.

Anurag rescues Prerna from devil Naveen. Prerna is facing a traumatic situation as she can’t break this marriage for her family’s sake. Anurag thus exposes Naveen and Madhuri’s marital relationship by showing their photograph to Prerna where Naveen Babu is making Madhuri wear mangalsutra.

The truth shocks Prerna and she breaks in tears while Anurag rescued Prerna from devil Naveen. Let’s see how they will expose Naveen and Madhuri before Mohini and family.

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