Shivaay to realise his love, Gauri and Bhavya's plan successful

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz, viewers will see that Shivaay has asked Anika to leave and had also made announcement of marriage with Twinkle. Gauri and Bhavya can see what all Anika had to suffer because of Shivaay and thus has a plan. Gauri and Bhavya makes Anika leave Oberoi mansion and sends an emotional letter for Shivaay which makes him confess love for Anika.

Shivaay and Anika's love sparks. Shivaay thus get in action to find Anika but fails and thus makes her favorite dish that is Aloo Puri in her memory. Gauri and Bhavya makes Anika taste Shivaay's love and Anika is ovewwhelmed as she always knew that Shivaay loves her.

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