Anurag realizes his love for Prerna, Trouble in Wedding

In Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2, Anurag exposes Naveen and Malini’s marital relationship but Naveen and his Jaan Malini trap Anurag in his own plan as Naveen proves that Malini is his sister-in-law.
Furthermore, Naveen and Prerna’s wedding rituals start as Naveen hurries for the wedding to avoid Anurag’s interruption.

Anurag oaths to protect Prerma. Anurag’s concern for Prerna is getting more intense that now he determines to expose Naveen at any cost and save Prerna’s life from this devil. And amid his mission to expose Naveen Babu, Anurag realizes his love grooving for Prerna and is determination to flop Naveen’s conspiracy gets stronger.

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