Kulfi’s big surprise for Tevar and Sikandar speechless

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus most popular serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala,  Kulfi will surprise Tevar and Sikandar who are waiting for her entrance exam result.
As per the track, Amyra tries to loosen Kulfi’s confidence so that she would do mistake and fail to get admission in her school. Furthermore, Kulfi impresses Principal with her hard work, her strong dedication towards studies, while her singing talent is also observed.

Amyra gets infuriated.Kulfi gets admission in the school as she passes the entrance exam but she scares Tevar and Sikandar by lying to them that she failed in exam. Kulfi cries shocks them by getting emotional while suddenly she bursts in laughter and surprises them saying she passed her entrance exam. But Kulfi’s success infuriates Amyra’s anger who doesn’t want Kulfi to get admission in her school.

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