Prerna's angry avatar after seeing Anurag and Chandrika's closeness

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 viewers will get to witness interesting drama as Prerna envious with Anurag Chandrika's closeness. It seems after Prerna Naveen’s engagement ceremony Mohini throws Diwali party in Basu Mansion. Here Mohini invites Prerna and family too as they are going to be relatives soon. However new girl Chandrika makes her entry and tries to impress Anurag.

Chandrika gets close to Anurag while Anurag is not at all interested in Chandrika, but takes advantage of Chandrika to make Prerna jealous. Prerna fails to understand reason behind jealousy
Prerna fails to understand the reason behind her jealousy seeing Anurag close to any other girl. It would be really interesting to see what will be the outcome of this jealousy.

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