Anurag to find out the reason behind Prerna's marriage to Naveen

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily show Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2, Anurag and Prerna's life seems to work up towards each other, here Anurag is taking all measures to expose Naveen. Anurag is not ready to give up as it's about Prerna and her life, while Prerna is doing this for her family. While Anurag gets a hint of Prerna's reason of marrying Naveen as Shivi talks about letter and Prerna is too nervous.

Anurag's hand over Prerna's truth. Prerna nervously talks about contract and this gets Anurag a clear hint that Prerna is up to something which is not right. Anurag will thus get in action to dig out truth which Prerna is hiding and will soon find Prerna's secret truth.

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