Sudha's shocking to defeat Raman and Ishita

In upcoming episode of Star Plus popular daily soap Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,  Raman and Ishita are shocked as Kaushalya accuses them for being partial towards Aliya and Sudha also enters to create dhamaka. Sudha tells all that how she is the owner of Bhalla industries and all are shocked while Ishita keeps trust over Raman. Ishita knows that Raman had done all this for family and would have been under some trouble.

While Rohan and Karan still supports this marriage with Aliya and Ruhi and Raman, Ishita are happy. Raman, Ishita big face off with Sudha. Raman and Ishita are unaware that they are landing their daughters in big mess and are doing a unrectificable mistake. Sudha is actually the mastermind behind all this and is mother to Rohan and Karan.

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