Shivaay's to Twinkle, full love drama ahead in Ishqbaaz

Cross you fingers because in upcoming episode of Star Plus popular show Ishqbaaz,  Shivaay is not really happy as his plan of getting Nani and Twinkle in Oberoi mansion is failing as Anika is not taking Twinkle seriously. While Shivaay has a blasting plan where Nani announces that Twinkle will do aarti with Shivaay this time. Shivaay also agrees to do it as it was all his plan, Anika is hurt as Shivaay himself is ready for this.

Shivaay and Anika's separation dhamaka. Anika is much hurt but knows that Shivaay is doing this to just keep her away from him, while this time Anika is hurt. Shivaay kisses Twinkle's hand and on other hand tags Anika as mistress as in what condition they got married and Shivaay is doing this intentionally to hurt Anika.

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