Komolika to help Naveen to get back Prerna form Anurag

In upcoming Episode of Kasaut Zindagi Kay2, Komolika is finally coming to disturb Anurag and Prerna’s destined love life. And the ruthless mastermind behind her villainous entry is none other than evil Naveen the psycho lover of Prerna.

Komolika and Naveen’s hidden conspiracy. Earlier seen that how Naveen introduced Komolika to Mohini for Anurag, while he tried to keep Anurag away from Prerna. Once again Naveen contacts Komolika and is now up to keep Anurag away from Prerna using Komolika.

Let’s wait for how Komolika will snatch Anurag from Prerna and how Naveen’s madness will snatch Prerna from Anurag.

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