Kulfi and Amyra's reunion plan to make Sikandar and Lovely Heer-Raanjha

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewal, Both Kulfi and Amyra planning something to bring back closer Sikandar Lovely as Heer-Raanjha. Kulfi finally opens up to Amyra about being her elder sister and her Dadda being her Baba. Kulfi and Amyra finally come together to solve Sikandar and Lovely's issues while they make a master plan. Meanwhile, their school announces a drama competition while Kulfi and Amyra make plan to involve Sikandar and Lovely in their play.

Kulfi convinces Sikandar to become Ranjha while here Amyra requests Lovely to become Heer for her play. The duos master plan is in action mode while Kulfi and Amyra have determined to unite them. Will their plan get succeed?

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