Anurag to go against everyone to marry Prerna?

In the upcoming episode of Kasauti Zindagi Kay, Anurag’s mother becomes teary eyed and hugs him. She says that she is proud of him and thanks him for giving her so much happiness. After Mohini goes away, Moloy comes and tells Anurag that his mother is very sweet which makes Anurag obey all her rules quietly. He also accuses Anurag of getting engaged only for the sake of his mother to which Anurag replies that he is happy being with Mishka. But suddenly, Mohini arrives in the midst of their conversation and takes Moloy with her to welcome the guests.

Meanwhile, Shivani comes and tells Prerna that it is not compulsory for her to attend Anurag’s engagement. But Prerna says that she is happy for Anurag and also praises him for being with her both in her good and bad times. After hearing this, Shivani hugs her while Prerna starts crying. On the other hand, Mohini brings a chunri and asks Anurag to offer it to their Kuldevi. Anurag is lost in Prerna’s thought as he holds the chunri in his hands. This makes Mohini question him as to what is he thinking about.

Komolika, Mishti and her father arrive at the Basu house. Mohini introduces Komolika to Anurag by saying that she is Mishka’s sister. Meanwhile, Prerna’s family also arrives at the Basu house. Komolika suddenly catches Anurag looking at Prerna and smiling at her. Meanwhile at the function, Anupam is constantly staring at Komolika which makes Nivedita chide him. 

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