Anurag turns Komolika's puppet, fights with Prerna

Anurag and Prerna loves each other a lot and Prerna's family has accepted their relationship but with accident of Moloy and Rajesh it's now a twisty scene in show. Where Anurag is now stucked with only one choice to do what Komolika wants from him. Komolika shares her condition with Aunrag.

Now as Komolika wants Anurag announces his marriage with Komolika. A big shock to Prerna, Anurag also insults her and badmouths her. Prerna in big shock.

What will Prerna do now? How Prerna will get back her love? Will Anurag marry Komolika? There are number of questions in our mind let see what makers are planning to showcase in show.


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